Health Safety and Environment

We at NCF, envision a safety culture that will achieve an injury free workplace which will facilitate & empower employees to make continuous improvement aiming to establish us as the industry leader in HSE. This will create value to our employees, clients and society at large & enhance overall business process.

The company has well established HSE policy, emphasizing “The responsibility for the Safety rests with the line management of the company and HSE is considered a prime factor of its business” – therefore HSE is everyone’s responsibility and is corporate philosophy.

The Senior Management provides strong, visible HSE leadership & commitment and ensures that this commitment is translated into the necessary recourses to develop, operate and maintain the company’s HSE MS, HSE Plan and procedures to attain HSE policy objectives.

NCF’s HSE management system is based on the Total Quality management (TQM) principle emphasizing on continuous improvement and integrating HSE aspects in every business endeavor with a proactive approach to HSE MS.

The established HSE management system is in line with safety regulations, legislation, contract provisions, codes and standards aims at achieving the company’s vision of “No harm to people and the environment”.

In addition NCF has established dedicated Road Safety section at corporate level, managed by qualified and experienced HSE team, who are responsible for monitoring & reviewing companywide driving activities and appraise the management.

With this proactive approach, NCF has successfully completed most of the projects with ZERO LTI and striving for achieving incident and injury free workplace exacting to international standards.


NCF focuses on the essential theme of Project Management the Synergy of Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing and Construction activities, to achieve, a quality project, delivered on time, within and built utilizing the best engineering practices.

Creating and maintaining the Culture and environment in which people are able to achieve their potential. Commitment to customers, employee’s partners and suppliers.

Aspiring excellence through innovation. Demonstrating excellence through knowledge and measuring excellence through productivity.


  • NEW CENTURY FACTORY is the leading and fully automated Concrete Blocks, Tiles, Interlocking Bricks & Cable Tiles manufacturing plant in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • NEW CENTURY FACTORY is the subsidiary of Al-Nahdah Group of Companies having experience of more than 27 years in the field.

  • NEW CENTURY FACTORY has good management support in Production, Sales & marketing, QA / QC, Maintenance, and is capable of timely execution of any assignments succesfully.

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